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About Rentping

We believe people are important, simply because they are human beings, not just business partners.

That fundamentally influences the way we do things.

Valuing people means helpful solutions are:


Anticipating others' needs

Toward your prospective residents:

Apartment searching can rapidly consume people's valuable time. Considerate marketing anticipates their needs through things like HD Walkthrough Video Tours and thoughtful website design, turning the process into a quick and painless experience.

Toward you:

If you partner with Rentping, you'll have a dedicated person available to discuss your needs because your concerns are important. You'll also have access to free educational content regardless of whether or not you become a client, because we believe helping others is inherently valuable.


Transparent and complete

Toward your prospective residents:

We believe you want to be truthful. Some communities exchange honesty for vague attempts to look cool and end up avoiding important information, like actual pictures of their units. However, this approach to marketing prevents prospects from learning about your unique benefits. Ultimately, being truthful shows that you value others and that you genuinely value your own community.

Toward you:

We promise not to sell you strategies we know are ineffective, just to fatten our wallets. We believe you can handle the truth. You deserve it, and you also deserve solutions that work.


Organized and easy to access

Toward your prospective residents:

We've all experienced cumbersome websites, overly "salesy" interactions, and companies with confusing information. We believe you want your website to display clearly formatted, helpful information, and our team is dedicated to streamlining every aspect of your prospect's journey toward becoming a resident.

Toward you:

You deserve marketing software that’s clear and helpful, not outdated and unorganized. We keep on making updates and improvements, because the journey toward "helpful" doesn’t stop after one product release.