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Apartment Marketing Ideas

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eBook: The Ultimate Guide to In-House Apartment Marketing

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eBook: A Crash Course in Apartment Website SEO

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eBook: 20 Easy Apartment Marketing Ideas

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eBook: Google AdWords for Apartment Marketing

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eBook: The Authoritative Guide to Craigslist Marketing


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3 Apartment Marketing Tips for Older Communities Cover Photo

3 Apartment Marketing Tips for Older Communities

By: Jake Meador, June 23, 2017

Obviously one of the biggest developments in the multifamily industry in recent years has been the launching of a record-number of new constructions. In 2016 alone, 320,000 new units opened in 50+ unit communities alone—so that doesn't even include new units that opened in sub-50 unit communities. That's an almost 50% increase on the 2015 numbers which were themselves thought to be high at the time.

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How to Name an Apartment Community Cover Photo

How to Name an Apartment Community

By: Jake Meador, June 16, 2017

If you're getting ready to open a new apartment community or to re-brand an existing one, the most important question you have to answer may be "what will we name it?" In this post, we want to offer three basic guidelines to consider when deciding on a name for your apartment community.

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Floorplan Landing Page Self Assessment

You can't afford to have inefficient pages on your apartment website. Your floorplan pages need to educated and convert your best leads so that your leasing staff can convert them into leases. Use this guide to evaluate your pages and identify ways to improve them.


Apartment Photography Checklist

Not sure if your photography is doing what you need it to? Use this checklist to evaluate your community and floorplan photos.


Apartment Lease-Up Case Study

Marketing for a new community is unlike anything else in the multifamily industry. Learn what works and what doesn't from this case study.


A Hiring Guide for Apartment SEOs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work can provide huge gains for your apartment community, but due to the highly technical nature of the work, it can be difficult to make a good hire when looking for an SEO vendor. In this guide, learn the good (and bad) signs to watch for when considering various SEO vendors.


Keyword Research Tips

Keyword research is still a major part of online apartment marketing. But the quirks of the multifamily industry make it difficult to do well. Learn how to develop an effective strategy with this downloadable guide.

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