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Building user-friendly apartment websites is an essential part of successful online apartment marketing. Learn about some UX keys in today's blog!

Many communities use corporate apartment websites to promote their individual communities. Unfortunately, many of these sites are poorly designed.

Should you publish important pieces of information, like rent rates or pet policy, on your apartment website? Or should you ask prospects to call? In this post we explain why being transparent about essential community information is a vital part of good apartment marketing.

With Google Analytics and other sources, the future of apartment marketing offers unprecedented abilities to make decisions from measurement, not mystery.

This post provides a brief introduction to AdWords specifically focused on how apartment marketers can use Google's advertising software.

A lot of the talk about Facebook in the multifamily industry is just hype that doesn't hold up when subjected to close scrutiny. In reality, there is very little evidence that Facebook is a good marketing channel in the multifamily industry. That being said, it may still have value for residents.

Google is now rolling out local packs on some general apartment-related search terms. The long-term effect here will be the end of listing services as Google takes over the role they once played in the industry.

Apartment SEO isn't primarily about securing high organic search rankings but developing a broader strategy for greater search engine visibility.

In an ideal world, you wouldn't need to use rent specials. But when you're in a tight spot, a good rent special can bail you out. This post will explain how to make sure you're offering the right specials for the right amount of time.

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