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A lot of the talk about Facebook in the multifamily industry is just hype that doesn't hold up when subjected to close scrutiny. In reality, there is very little evidence that Facebook is a good marketing channel in the multifamily industry. That being said, it may still have value for residents.

Google is now rolling out local packs on some general apartment-related search terms. The long-term effect here will be the end of listing services as Google takes over the role they once played in the industry.

Apartment SEO isn't primarily about securing high organic search rankings but developing a broader strategy for greater search engine visibility.

In an ideal world, you wouldn't need to use rent specials. But when you're in a tight spot, a good rent special can bail you out. This post will explain how to make sure you're offering the right specials for the right amount of time.

Google's new website builder tool offers limited value for smaller communities but should not be used as a website-substitute by larger multifamily properties.

In our final live case study we check back in with our community that, back in July, was headed for mid-80s occupancy. Today they're posting record-setting revenue numbers.

No community can have total control over their online marketing presence because we all depend on platforms we don't control--search engines, social media, and so on. The key is to get as much value as you can from the platforms you do own--your website above all.

Your apartment vacancy rate is influenced by many factors. Learn what they are and how to tell them apart in this post.

Defensive advertising on Google AdWords is an essential piece to any business's marketing strategy. Need proof? Check out 11 major brands that use it.

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