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Apartment Marketing Strategy: How to Win Attention

Posted by Jacob Gerber on October 2, 2012 / Posted in Apartment Marketing Strategy

Jacob Gerber


AttentionMarketing is a battle to win attention. When you win the attention of your audience, you can sell them on your product, services, or vision.

For apartment marketers, your battle is to win the attention of apartment shoppers. How do you catch the eye of someone looking for an apartment? Why should prospective renters consider your property? What content do you provide to them to hold their attention, and at what point(s) in the marketing process do you provide that content?

In order to win the battle for the attention of prospective residents, your apartment marketing strategy needs to accomplish three objectives:

  1. You need to get their attention.
  2. You need to keep their attention.
  3. You need to guide their attention.

Let's take a look at how these objectives should guide your overall apartment marketing strategy.

Apartment Marketing Strategy #1: Getting Their Attention

Your apartment marketing strategy must first provide a plan for capturing the attention of apartment shoppers. If you cannot influence anyone to pause long enough to consider your community as their next home, you have already lost the battle for attention.

This is the stage for traffic generation. You need to flag down as many apartment hunters as possible; however, the best results will come if you can capture the attention of as many qualified prospects as possible so that your staff doesn't have to waste time handling unqualified leads.

Key Question: What Traffic Generation sources produce the largest amount of qualified leads for your community?

Apartment Marketing Strategy #2: Keeping Their Attention

The biggest mistake that apartment marketers make is to focus completely on getting attention while failing to make any effort to keep attention. Marketers pour more and more money and resources into generating traffic only to have that traffic bounce off of their website almost as quickly as they arrive.

When someone comes to your website, it is crucial to have quality content (especially, quality visual content) that will engage visitors. The brain processes visual information 60,000x faster than text, and viewers are 85% more likely to purchase something after watching a product video (source), so your website ought to greet visitors with stunning photographs and engage them with quality floorplan-specific walkthrough videos.

Key Question: What keeps visitors on our website long enough to consider our community for their next home?

Apartment Marketing Strategy #3: Guiding Their Attention

At the end of the day, your marketing strategy needs to get people to do something. Specifically, you want prospects to contact you to schedule a showing and to sign a lease. No matter how many people you can get to your website, and no matter how long you can keep them on your website, your apartment marketing strategy is worthless unless your website effectively guides prospects toward your actual business goals.

Websites, then, need to be built not primarily for the visual effect (although visual effect is important) but for business results. You need calls to action that guide prospects to do what you want them to do. In one case study, we increased the rate at which traffic converted into leads by 53%, simply by getting people to the floorplan-specific content more quickly, adding calls to action, making the phone number more prominent on the website.

Key Question: Is your website designed to generate qualified leads, or for something else?

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If you would like to learn more about creating a complete web presence that helps you win the battle for attention from beginning to end, download our free eBook, The Ultimate Guide to In-House Apartment Marketing. Or, contact us for a free consultation.

photo credit: vancouverfilmschool via photopin cc

Download Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to In-House Apartment Marketing

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