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Weekly Apartment Marketing Round-Up – October 26, 2012

Posted by Jacob Gerber on October 26, 2012 / Posted in Weekly Apartment Marketing Round-Up

Jacob Gerber


Every Friday, Rentping Media publishes a round-up of great articles from around the internet relating to apartment marketing. This week, we have great articles about Google, Apartment Marketing Strategy, and Apartment Videos. Enjoy!

Google AdWords for Apartments:

  • "26 Fresh Pay-Per-Click Posts You Shouldn't Miss." Great links from Unbounce to 26 fantastic articles related to pay-per-click advertising (e.g., Google AdWords), including two fascinating critiques of how the presidential candidates succeeded and failed in their own PPC campaigns. Great resources for intermediate and advanced AdWords marketers.

SEO for Apartment Websites:

  • "Does Google Think Your Website Is Spam?" From HubSpot, a great introductory article examining the less-than-legitimate tactics that flag websites as spam in Google's eyes. Make sure you aren't doing any of these things!

Apartment Marketing Strategy:

  • "20 Power Words That Will Electrify Your Online Advertising." Yes, the words you use in your marketing make a difference in the effectiveness of your marketing. Great ideas on specific words to use to take your marketing to the next level.
  • "Don't Bing it On." Really great guest post from Melissa DeCicco on Mike Brewer's blog analyzing the wrong-headed approach of Microsoft's Bing It On Challenge. Here's the tie-in to apartment marketing: "With Bing’s logic, we could stick anyone at our apartment communities and they would sell. We all know it takes a lot more than a pretty property or even one that meets all our ‘search criteria’ to get the sale. The experience (sensation transference and all) will make the sale in my book, every day, all day long." Read the rest!
  • "Delivering the Generational Goods." Multifamily Executive offers a great breakdown of the substantial points of J Turner Research's study of apartment marketing from the prospective of renters.

Apartment Videos:

  • "Browser Adoption of HTML5 Video Continues to Grow, But Still Not Complete." Curious about which browsers will be able to handle your HTML5 videos? Great run-down from ReelSEO.
  • "Get Ready for Ultra HD." From Multifamily Technology 360, a teaser for Ultra HD TV, the newest television technology that might hit the shelves this holiday season. Ultra HD TV can get as much as 4x the resolution, making them idea for showing off gorgeous video tours of your property inside your clubhouse.

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