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Improving Leasing With the Right Website

Read about one company that got a new corporate website and saw an immediate increase in traffic and leads.


An owner-managed development company with two large multifamily campuses in a mid-size, midwest metro area.


This company was using Rentping’s traffic strategy and visual content, but they had a website from another company. The website didn’t use Rentping’s SEO strategy and the layout lacked an effective way for prospective residents to engage with video tours and photos once they arrived on the site. As a result, the website was not converting visitors to leads, or ultimately, to residents.


Rentping built a new corporate website to replace this company’s old one, focused on encouraging visitors to engage with photos and videos of the properties. The layout was specifically structured to drive visitors to call the leasing office. This website also incorporated Rentping's SEO strategy.


Compared to the final five months with the old website, in its first five months, the website that Rentping provided produced 49.18% more unique visitors, with a 104.94% increase in pageviews and a 47.77% increase in the website visit duration.

But did the improvement in traffic and engagement actually produce more qualified leads, or more importantly, more leases?

To account for seasonality, we looked at leasing data for January-April in the final year with the old website versus the January-April the first year with the new Rentping website. Keep in mind that nothing changed during these two time periods except for their website. This company did not add any advertising sources, they kept the same traffic generation strategy, used the same content, and had a similar leasing staff.

People not only engaged better with the new website—they also signed more leases. The new corporate website produced 43.84% more leases than the old site.

Increasing the engagement and usability of the corporate website reduced turn times and created more demand. As a result, this management company was also able to substantially raise their rent rates and increase their revenue.