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Fixing Occupancy In a Struggling Community

Read about one company that was struggling with occupancy around 80% and now operates at 94%.


A market-rate community in the suburbs of Dallas


This community was at 82% occupancy and struggling to fill units. Their marketing efforts were not producing enough qualified leads to improve their occupancy. 


Rentping implemented a full online marketing strategy for this community. The strategy included the following:

Driving qualified traffic to a community website

  • Provided Rentping's Craigslist posting tool
  • Optimized their website for search engine visibility
  • Created and maintained Google AdWords campaigns

Engaging and converting website visitors into residents

  • Developed a new website, optimized for generating leases
  • Took photos of each specific floorplan
  • Shot walkthrough video tours of each floorplan

Measuring and adjusting marketing for results

  • Management used RentStream, Rentping's software platform, to make decisions about advertising sources
  • Managers worked with their own Marketing Advisor, to help with marketing strategy suggestions 


Rentping produced 77% of unique calls from December 1, 2015 - November 17, 2016.

But producing leads doesn't mean anything if the leads don't turn into leases. Rentping's website and walkthrough video tours qualified the community's leads, and resulted in an increase in leases signed. 

When we started our partnership in December 2015, this community was at 82% occupancy. Within six months, they were operating at 94% and have consistently remained in the mid-to-upper 90s.