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The Power of Walkthrough Video Tours

Read about how walkthrough video tours reduced one company’s unqualified leads and saved staff time.


A third-party management company that manages over 2000 units in Lincoln, NE. Century manages both large communities and scattered rental property.


Century’s staff had to give too many showings to unqualified leads, which cost them time and energy, and resulted in inefficient leasing. 


Rentping shot and edited video tours of every floorplan Century managed. These videos walked people through an entire unit of each floorplan, allowing prospective residents to take virtual leasing tours. (See our walkthrough video tours here.)


Century saw a major increase in qualified leads coming from their own web presence.

In August 2010, Century reported an incredible rise in qualified leads and a decrease in unqualified leads, renting 66% more apartments than in August 2009 with the same amount of staff hours. Walkthrough video tours produced fewer wasted, in-person showings and more leases per staff hour.

Century’s new benchmark is to expect a particular apartment to be rented after no more than two showings. If a particular apartment is not rented after two showings, Century considers that a red flag that something must be off in that particular unit, like a maintenance or cleanliness issue.

Walkthrough video tours became the key to Century's marketing strategy and have significantly improved the effectiveness of their leasing staff ever since implementation. 

Fun Fact

Century was Rentping’s first client, and this study helped form the basis of our online marketing strategy today!