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Why Pretty Good Isn't Good Enough

Read about how some adjustments in strategy and web presence increased a community’s traffic 2.4 times, saved hours of staff time, and boosted performance on mobile.


An owner-managed multifamily management company that manages over 12,500 units in 58 communities, across 14 states.


A market-rate multifamily community in the suburbs of Kansas City


This community was already at a healthy occupancy, but the management company felt like there might be a better opportunity than simply using listing sources.


Rentping created a full online strategy for this community, including building a community website, creating floorplan-specific walkthrough video tours and photos, and driving qualified traffic to their website.


The community’s old, non-Rentping website and traffic strategy resulted in 2,915 unique web visitors from May 1, 2014 - September 30, 2014. With Rentping’s new online marketing strategy, the community’s new website received 7,098 unique visitors between May 1, 2015 - September 30, 2015.

A large amount of this traffic increase came from improved organic traffic, which increased by 78%. This means that the community got most of their increased traffic from a free traffic source!

Since, according to our client data, 64% of apartment website traffic comes from mobile, Rentping focuses on creating excellent mobile-friendly websites. With an improved mobile presence, this community gained a large amount of traffic they had previously been missing out on. The new website brought in 56 times the mobile traffic of the old website (and yes, that is correct—5,600%!).

Finally, with this new strategy, this community was able to increase their leasing tours without increasing paid staff time. Their walkthrough video tours got 1,083 views during this time period. If you calculate that a normal leasing tour takes about 20 minutes, that comes out to 361 hours of saved staff time.

This community’s story shows that, even when a community has a good marketing presence, there is still much to be gained by continuing to optimize your marketing strategy.