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Apartment Marketing Resources

Stay up to date with eBooks, Whitepapers, and other industry-leading apartment marketing resources from Rentping. Download as much as you want--for free!
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Community SiteScore Tool

Is your website a super-charged leasing machine, or is it holding you back from all the great leads and leases you could be getting?

Rentping's Community SiteScore Tool is a free, multifamily-specific tool that scores your website on details like SEO, analytics, security, and more. In your automated report, you will receive 10-15 customized pages, extensively reviewing your community website, and providing plenty of suggestions and tips.

Get your Community SiteScore now!

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eBook: The Ultimate Guide to In-House Apartment Marketing

Find out how to generate more leases on your own, in-house, so that you can cut outside marketing resources.

This is our flagship eBook, a 60-page PDF introduction to the art and science of in-house apartment marketing, filled with tips, tricks, and ideas for building your own internet web presence.

Begin improving in-house apartment marketing here.

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eBook: A Crash Course in Apartment Website SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a hot topic right now, and so there is a lot of misinformation out there about how to get your apartment website ranked higher on Google--and some of it could backfire and penalize your website, so it's critical to get the facts about SEO.

In this eBook, we provide practical, step-by-step instructions for doing quality SEO in the apartment industry. Don't get stuck buying high-tech snake oil for your property's website!

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eBook: 20 Easy Apartment Marketing Ideas

In 20 Easy Apartment Marketing Ideas, we put together our most practical resource yet for boosting your in-house apartment presence.

If you are looking for tips for building outstanding visual content, highly effective websites that convert visitors into leads, open up floodgates of traffic to your website, and delight your residents with social media, this guide covers it all.

Get started improving your internet marketing presence today.

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eBook: Google AdWords for Apartment Marketing

What if you could focus your marketing resources on only the people who are looking for your kind of apartment, in your city, right now? With traditional marketing tools, that would be impossible.

But with Google AdWords, apartment marketers finally have a tool that can actually target qualified apartment shoppers with precision. In this eBook, find out how to use AdWords to generate the highest quality of leads and leases.

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eBook: The Authoritative Guide to Craigslist Marketing

Craigslist is still a tremendously popular online classified service, averaging 50 billion pageviews and 60 million users every month. It can be a huge marketing platform for multifamily communities. But how can you stand out on Craigslist in order to generate quality leads? When so many communities use it, is it even possible to get a prospect’s attention? This eBook is a comprehensive guide to how apartment marketers can use Craigslist and generate real results.

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