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Apartment Marketing Strategy Resources

Stay up to date with eBooks, Whitepapers, and other industry-leading apartment marketing resources from Rentping Media. Download as much as you want--for free!
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eBook: The Ultimate Guide to In-House Apartment Marketing

Find out how to generate more leases on your own, in-house, so that you can cut outside marketing resources.

This is our flagship eBook, a 60-page PDF introduction to the art and science of in-house apartment marketing, filled with tips, tricks, and ideas for building your own internet web presence.

Begin improving in-house apartment marketing here.

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eBook: The Future of Apartment Marketing

The history of technology is filled with failures from products hailed as "the next big thing," so what makes the difference between success and failure?

Specifically, where should apartment marketers invest their time and energy on new marketing technologies to avoid make real gains and avoid falling behind?

In this eBook, we identify the emerging technologies that offer opportunities for real success.

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eBook: 20 Easy Apartment Marketing Ideas

In 20 Easy Apartment Marketing Ideas, we put together our most practical resource yet for boosting your in-house apartment presence.

If you are looking for tips for building outstanding visual content, highly effective websites that convert visitors into leads, open up floodgates of traffic to your website, and delight your residents with social media, this guide covers it all.

Get started improving your internet marketing presence today.

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Whitepaper: What to do About Negative Apartment Reviews

Apartment reviews play a critical role in your community's marketing, so negative apartment reviews are a huge problem.

In this whitepaper, we put reviews in proper perspective and lay out a step-by-step plan for dealing with negative apartment reviews.

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eBook: 5 Advanced Apartment Marketing Ideas

5 Advanced Apartment Marketing Ideas has expert-level apartment advice to take your marketing to the next level. Learn how to move beyond tactics to develop a robust, fully-orbed apartment marketing strategy.

With 5 Advanced Apartment Marketing Ideas, find out how to navigate the various marketing channels available, how to use buyer personas, how to incorporate big data in your marketing decisions, and how to get the most out of your failures. Upgrade your marketing to "expert" today.

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eBook: Survival Guide for the Solo Apartment Marketing Team

Do you have the sole responsibility for keeping your company's entire marketing engine running? You have a huge job responsibility!

In this eBook, we give practical tips to make your responsibilities more manageable. Find out how to streamline, automate, and outsource intelligently so that you can compete with any of the biggest companies who unlimited staff, money, and tools at their disposal.

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eBook: The Signal and the Noise: Apartment Marketing Metrics that Matter

More than ever, apartment marketers have incredible analytics tools at their fingertips to measure the effectiveness of their work. But, how are marketers supposed to sift through all of the noise in their metrics to get at data that actually matters?

In The Signal and the Noise, we dive into best practices for getting valuable, actionable information from your data to help you make smart adjustments to improve your business.

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Not all marketing ideas are created equal. Sometimes traditional marketing ideas just don't work any more. Other times, new ideas sound good, but don't actually produce what they promise.

What marketing myths are holding your community back from the success that you want? In this 29-page PDF eBook, find out how to avoid the mistakes your peers are making right now.

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Resource: Strategic Marketing Assessment

Building a comprehensive internet marketing presence for your apartment community is a lot of work--even just identifying all the things you should be doing can be a daunting task.

So, to help you optimize your marketing (and to make sure that you haven't missed anything along the way), we built a self-guided assessment tool to score and evaluate your entire marketing web presence.

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