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We Believe in Accountable Marketing

We understand that each apartment community is different. What works for a 500-unit community is not the same thing that works for a 100-unit community.

To help communities identify the opportunities and tools that are available for them to generate the greatest results, we have a four-step process to help our clients.

First, our team analyzes your existing web presence to figure out where you are starting from, and how you compare against your peers.

Second, we talk through the opportunities we have identified to help you generate more of your leases in-house, so that you can cut more expensive, outside marketing sources.

Third, we implement the marketing strategy that you feel will help your community the most. All the planning in the world doesn't do anything if you don't make any changes.

Finally, we analyze and adjust the marketing campaigns to maximize your advertising dollars. That's what we call accountable marketing.

This set of case studies lays out some of the results that our clients have seen since we have partnered with them to develop a customized marketing strategy specifically designed for them and their community.

If you are ready to build your own customized strategy and identify the opportunities that you have, click here for a free consultation.


Download the Case Studies Whitepaper: