Craigslist Support

Leverage the world's biggest ILS.

Capitalize on free traffic.

Craigslist has over 60 million users and 80 million classified ads each month, making it a great traffic source, but a difficult place to stand out. We work with you to catch the attention of prospective residents and get them onto your website to help you generate qualified leads and leases.

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Capture their attention.

Rentping’s Craigslist posts engage prospects well for a simple reason: We use high-quality exterior, amenity, and floorplan-specific photos of your apartments. Win the battle for attention on Craigslist by showing off the beauty of your property.

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Apartment kitchen photo.
Apartment exterior photo.
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Get anti-green ghosting support.

Craigslist’s technology automatically filters out posts that look like spam, which sometimes gets triggered by heavy posting. We’ll help you plan the perfect schedule so you can raise your visibility on Craigslist while minimizing your green ghosting risk. If you’ve already been green ghosted, we’ll help you re-build your Craigslist presence and get back up and running as quickly as possible. 

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Convert at a higher rate.

With our Craigslist tool, you won’t have to start each post from scratch. It generates optimized text and allows you to easily copy and paste the HTML into Craigslist. The post pushes prospective residents to content focused on you, directly on your floorplan landing page, helping you convert free Craigslist traffic into leads.