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Generate traffic when you need it. Stop paying when you don't.

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Reach the right people.

It's commonly accepted in multifamily that your ad campaigns will hit many unqualified leads. To get qualified leads you have to fork out money for more traffic.

But what if you could start with the best leads and expand your campaigns from there? You should be able to spend your budget on people looking to rent from your community right now.

Protect your leads.

When someone searches for your community by name, your website might not actually be first on Google. Instead, competitors or ILS’s might be buying ad space to get listed ahead of you.

Rentping’s pay-per-click marketing campaigns will make sure you protect your hottest leads on Google.

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Drive quality traffic.

Our first priority is to defend your position when people search for you by name. Then we create other campaigns to drive qualified traffic.

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Remarketing ads

Stay in front of people who have already expressed interest in your community. Stunning photos will keep you top of mind in their apartment shopping process.

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Competitor targeting

People searching for your competitors probably want the same things you offer. We target these people next, because they're often a great fit for your community.

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Custom campaigns

Get qualified leads looking for your unique benefits. The person searching "pet-friendly apartments in hyde park" is looking for you. Go after them.

Partner with certified leaders.

Rentping is a Google Ads Certified Partner with AdWords certified advisors. But that doesn’t mean we do things the same as experts in other industries. We take tried-and-true Ads standards and combine them with innovative, multifamily-specific techniques to get you the best traffic possible.

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Get smart advisors and systems.

Your Ads-certified Marketing Advisor will adjust your strategy to spend more when you need it, and less when you don’t. A 12-month ad spend contract just doesn't make sense when you have changing needs! We also have a smart system that catches fluctuations or changes faster than any human could, so your campaigns have the best in both technology and personalized attention.